Reduce your downtimes.

Optimum malfunction management
– with Mobile Maintenance from PerFact

Detect malfunctions quickly and rectify them with proficiency.

With an ever increasing number of systems being networked together, high availability is of crucial importance for the success of a company.

Maintenance can account for up to 40% of the overall production costs.

Respond rapidly.
Move away from the paper economy.
Avoid legwork.

PerFact has the solution!

  • Immediate, regulated recording of all malfunctions and downtimes
  • Transparent information for the maintenance technician
  • Clear and simple planning
  • Access to all machine data and documents, directly at the system
  • Automatic feedback of all activities, including time logging in the master ERP system
  • Increase in system efficiency

Plan and work in a central system.

Die Mobile Maintenance from PerFact provides:

  • Integrated image uploading
  • Automatic feedback of all activities in standard ERP systems (e.g. SAP)
  • Clear reports and KPIs
  • Increase in system efficiency

How it works:

  • The machine operator identifies a malfunction and reports this via click or scan.

  • The maintenance technician has an overview of all open malfunction reports and can plan efficiently.

  • The maintenance technician uses the preliminary information and runs through the maintenance workflow at the machine.

  • Timely feedback and system overview for the maintenance manager.

Added value for you:

  • Device-independent – one technology for all hardware
  • Modular, extendable maintenance system
  • Intuitive interfaces
  • Maintenance process advice
  • Licence-free software

Mobile Maintenance